Dave Hutton brings together experience, knowledge and a vast array of equipment to give your production the best in film and television location lighting.

Dave has worked on all types of productions as can be seen by visiting the credits page. Although based in south Wales, Dave will travel to any location, works in London on a regular basis, and is experienced at working in many parts of Europe.

He has a 3.5ton van and a 4x4 vehicle. The testimonials show how Dave has the facilities and experience to deal with very demanding shoots.

Dave is well versed in all aspects of Health & Safety as per the
BBC Approval and is available to work with or without his kit and can successfully fill many roles from Gaffer to 2nd Electrician.

Contact Dave Hutton today and solve your location lighting problems whatever your production.



“I have worked with Dave on many award winning shoots for BBC TV, Channel 4 TV and independent films. He is a hard worker, keen, enthusiastic, conscientious and reliable. He always makes a shoot work technically and to budget. He has enough equipment to service most jobs, including Tungsten, Kino and HMI lamps and he has lots of extras he includes in his lighting package that no other company would do. As a DOP this means that I don't have to specify every little piece of equipment down to dimmers, flags, nets etc., which I would have to do with the larger lighting companies. This means I will not forget something as Dave has it all on his truck and this takes the pressure off. It also helps Production as they don't often like lists of extras as this adds to the cost, with Dave he includes all of this in a "package price". This also means that a DOP can have the extras he wants which would normally be outside the budget!”
Nick Dance, Director of Photography, BBC Television

“Dave Hutton is a highly experienced lighting gaffer, a real asset to any type of film shoot. He can provide effective solutions to fit your budget and the artistic requirements of the DoP.”
Adrian Kelly, Freelance Line Producer and Production Manager, Daybreak Pictures

“Dave (he won't mind me saying this!) has been around a long time and because of that he knows the business better than most. He is very conscientious, very punctual and very patient! I trust Dave implicitly and have valued his expertise on almost all my shoots. Dave is 100% reliable and a very valued asset to any shoot. If you haven't used Dave Hutton you should.”
Lesley Dean, Producer, Pangaea Television Ltd


Check out Dave's lighting for the
'Mirrorkicks' music videos on You Tube
and work for phm Studios on Vimeo.


Based in South Wales
Covering London and abroad

BBC Approved
Drama, DocuDrama,Television Series, Commercials
Corporate and Music Video